Mt Olive Organic Farm

Organic Seasonal/Eden Mix

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Our healthiest mix. Good for heart, liver, kidney, lung and blood. A mix of seasonal greens, including edible flowers (when they are in season).


Colleen W
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So yummy and fresh.
The edible flowers add a wonderful flavor and color
Mt Olive Organic Farm reply
Great!! Glad to hear you like it! It is our healthiest salad greens.


Mt Olive Organic Farm
Located in the quaint town of Paso Robles, California, Mt. Olive is a certified organic family farm that provides organic healthy food, while benefiting the environment and all living things around. Mt Olive is known for their tasty olives, rich olive oil, grass-fed meat, seasonal vegetables, and juicy fruits (apples, pears, grapes, cherries, strawberries, goji, plums, persimmons... just to name a few).