Harvestly offers our customers delicious, local farm and food products from the central coast, with home delivery every Friday. If you are interested in selling your products on Harvestly click here.
805 Botanicals LLC
LOVE YOUR SMALL FARMERS? WE DO TOO! That is why we source from small regenerative farms we know for quality ingredients that provide premium healing benefits. 805 Botanicals provides natural topical products to support overall wellbeing - and the planet. Our natural, plant based products include lip balms, deodorants, mosquito repellant, and many more amazing botanical products!

A-Town Humble Pies
A-Town Humble Pies is a family team of bakers from Atascadero who wish to share their passion for pie goodness with the community.

ACERG Quail Farm is a small local quail farm in Los Osos. They breed their own Coturnix Quail for eggs and meat.

Alle-Pia Fine Cured Meats
Alle-Pia creates some of the finest salami, sausages, and other cured meats. Each small batch of their products are created with love by the talented Antonio Varia, Chef and Owner of Buona Tavola Restaurants in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles.

Amore Sabino
Amore Sabino is an organic extra virgin olive oil made with three different olives all from Italy. One, in particular, is local from the Sabina area! The combination of the rocky limestone and the climate of this area, give the olive oil a low acidity and a peppery taste. Amore Sabino is a great cooking oil, but you can really enjoy all of its properties as a finishing oil. It pairs well with bread, vegetables, meat, pizza and it can be used for dressings, it’s the perfect last touch for any dish.

Aviator Acres Family Farm
Aviator Acres is the dream that became reality for Farmer Nathan and family. We grow a variety of healthy, fresh vegetables for the community, utilizing regenerative farming practices and only organic inputs. Our farm is located in San Luis Obispo, a tenant farm at City Farm SLO. Follow us on Instagram (@aviatoracres) to see when we add new products, information about the farm and farmers, and other veggie related info.

Barb the Baker
Barb is a talented baker from Atascadero who is famous for her amazing scone mixes! She doesn't stop at scones either, she also carries cookie mixes, the 'Ranger Bar in a Jar', and even a beautiful Charcuterie Tray!

BellaVia offers Italian prepared food such as basic meatless lasagna, jumbo pasta shell stuffed with ricotta and spinach, other specialties like sicilian cannoli, tiramisù, gluten free chocolate almond cake and delights.

Bennys Pizza Palace and Social Club
Frozen Pizza Frozen meatballs with maranara

Bliss Products
Bliss Products are a unique lineup of organic, local, and plant-based food offerings developed and sourced by Bliss in Downtown SLO. Bliss is thrilled to offer its classic restaurant flavors in accessible marketplace products that are locally sourced and freshly made. While we currently sell our Grab & Go Products through  Gather Market , we have expanded to selling exclusive dressings, housemade granola, soups and much more. For more information on items and availability, follow the link!