Sichuan Kitchen SLO

Sichuan Kitchen SLO is dedicated to bringing authentic flavors and culture of Sichuan and China as a whole to SLO. We focus on using local produce to provide the fresh, flavorful, and wholsome food to our community. I, Garrett, have spent 6 years in China and Nepal learning the cuisine and culture and am honored to be able to share my expereinces in SLO. I do private educational dinner parties, catering, pop-ups, a weekly Monday night take out, and make a special Sichuan Chili Sauce. 

More About Garrett:
My love for Sichuan Cuisine started with a 3 month study abroad trip in 2013. The people, culture, and cuisine left a lasting impression on me. After finishing my BS in Nutrition at Cal Poly, I served as a Peace Corps Food Security Volunteer in Nepal for 3 years. At the end of my service I met my fiancée who is from Sichuan. The next year (2019) we spent living and eating our way deep into the Provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan. The COVID pandemic brought me back to Nepal where I worked on local farms. In 2021 I returned back to California and began sharing my experiences in Nepal and China through educational dinner parties. Sharing the beautiful culture and exquisite cuisine grew contagious for me and the SLO community. I have since branched out to doing Sichuan popups and weekly take-out. Center to traditional Chinese cooking is the use of fresh and local ingredients - thus I focus on using local produce with spices from Sichuan. Sharing my experiences and the Cuisine of Sichuan to SLO brings me great joy.