Grandpa Rossi's Garden

Pasture Raised Eggs

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Raised & sold by Grandpa Rossi's Garden in Templeton, CA

You will receive one doz fresh eggs.

Chickens are fed quality, local feed from Templeton Feed & Grain, forage, and enjoy garden green. They free range, and have ample space to run, dust bathe, and bask in the sunshine. They live under shaded oak trees that protect them from the scorching summer heat. Eggs are collected daily, washed, sorted, and candled for imperfections by hand.

California Egg Hander's License #4502 (recently renewed although does not yet show up on the updated CDFA list)


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Grandpa Rossi's Garden
This Templeton based garden uses a unique "no-till, no dig, no tractor, no pesticides" method of growing their crops. They take great care of their soil in order to provide nutrient and flavor dense produce to their loyal customers.

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