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Pint of Tropic Kale

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Our cold-pressed Tropic Kale juice is a fiber-packed blend that helps regulate the digestive system while also boosting eye, heart & skin health. The lutein-potassium packed in kale, kiwi & pear are beneficial to improving declining eye vison, maintaing a healthy blood pressure & boosting brain health.

Blend: Farmers' Market Kale, Fresh-Organic Kiwi, Fresh-Organic Pear, Organic Fuji & Pineapple


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Julia's Juices

Julia's Juices started when Julia Gomez & her husband Javier Magana moved onto a farm in Arroyo Grande. Julia, at the time, was working at local farmers' market selling fresh produce. The abundance of local seasonal produce readily available inspired Julia to begin juicing. Bringing her creative concoctions with her to market & having people sample her home-made juices. Julia realized a business was beginning to bud. Towing home seedlings from the market. Julia & Javier planted their first garden for their cold pressed juice company Julia's Juices. From a small stand at Farmers, flourished into a brick & mortar Julia's Juice Bar. What started as a small garden grew into Red Barn Farms that grew on SLO City Farms. Julia's Juices has always stride to provide the community w/ farm-fresh cold pressed juice. From our family to your health!

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