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European Bay Leaves

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European Bay Leaves are the ones to put into soups, rice, and casseroles. Laurus Nobilis, commonly called Sweet Bay or Bay Laurel, is native to the Mediterranean. Whole bay leaves are used as flavor agents in the food preparation stage. The shelf life is one year. They are also a symbol for Victory during the ancient Greek olympics.


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Our Global Family Farm

At Our Global Family Farm, we are promoting global unity and permaculture design principles by growing food crops from the four corners of the globe through regenerative agriculture practices. Our farm is a demonstration of a Food Forest, also known as agroecology or forest gardening. We are a tenant farm located at City Farm SLO.

Here are some of these Regenerative Agriculture techniques that we practice at Our Global Family Farm: • Disturb the soil as little as possible. Till or plow only if you must to break new ground. In established beds, gently remove weeds without tilling. • Never allow soil to remain bare. During the growing season, cover soil with an organic mulch, such as straw, bark mulch, or leaves. • During the off-season, plant a cover crop to nurture the soil ecosystem, deter weeds, prevent soil compaction from heavy rains, and add nutrients. • Include some perennial plants in your annual flower and vegetable beds. These plants’ roots — and the carbon they contain — remain intact year-round. • Add compost — homemade or purchased — to soil every year. Soil microbes consume organic matter, such as compost, and need to have a continual supply. We also practice the principles of mutual aid, reciprocity, social justice and respecting and honoring the diversity of all humans on this planet.