Boccabella Farms Co.

New Harvest Olive Oil

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This is a limited edition, first bottling of our November 2022 harvest. For our New Harvest Olive Oil, our olives were hand-picked, then cold-pressed into olive oil within 3 hours of being picked. This is olive oil at its best. Olive Varietals: Leccino, Merino, Pendolino, Moraiolo. Total polyphenols: 598 mg/kg. Harvest Date: November 2022. 250ml


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Boccabella Farms Co.
"Boccabella" or "beautiful mouth" in Italian, translates into a luscious extra virgin olive oil with a bright, beautiful flavor. Located in San Miguel, Boccabella is a locally owned and operated olive farm producing award winning California Extra Virgin Olive Oil that embodies the farm to table experience in every bottle.