Gold Land BBQ

Pork Ribs Full Rack

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This product comes vacuum sealed and is fully cooked and ready to eat. Reheating instructions included. Lasts for 5 days refrigerated or 3 months frozen. We make it easy for you to enjoy a perfectly seasoned / perfectly smoked pork ribs on demand!


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Gold Land BBQ

Gold Land BBQ originated as fresh spin on the classic live fire cooking of California’s Central Coast. Our Santa Maria-Style catering & events offering focuses on the perfect blend of red oak smoke with simple seasonings that really highlight the natural quality of the product.

Since opening a brick and mortar location in the Creamery Marketplace in downtown SLO, we've expanded our menu to include items from across the American barbecue trail, such as: pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and half chicken.  These meats are smoked at a lower temperature for longer, resulting in "fall off the bone" tenderness.

We cook each item to order and vacuum seal for maximum consistency.  Each order comes marked with reheat instructions and best by date.